XXSince Huawei dominated the market, there have been many changes. The first is the color matching of mobile phones. Due to the particularity of mobile phones, most mobile phones were only black and white. With the rise of Apple, there was more gold. However, since Huawei has equipped with Aurora color and gradient color, it seems that more and more mobile phone brands adopt this design. At present, almost all domestic brands have gradient color mobile phones. Some netizens said that the first mobile phone with gradient color and aurora color may not be Huawei, but it must be Huawei to carry forward this color scheme.


Subsequently, Huawei launched the Mate20 series. As a flagship machine of Huawei in recent years, Mate20 has made consumers feel quite a big deal, especially the rear-mounted three-shot of the square bath that is still in the square. At the same time, according to foreign media reports, the new generation of iPhone and Google Pixel 4 will use a rear lens similar to Huawei Mate20 'Yu Ba' design, although some netizens have pulled out a 2016 LG 'Yuba' style Mobile phones, but this only shows that this design is not Huawei's first, and it must not be ruined by Huawei.


Now that 2019 is over halfway, mobile phone manufacturers are rushing to lay out mobile phones in the second half of the year. Mate30 is more and more flagship news of Huawei this year. The biggest selling point of this machine is not only equipped with a new mobile phone processor, but also a new shape design. Recently, the glass back plate of this mobile phone has been exposed by netizens. The rear lens design of Mate30 is even more wonderful. It has been changed from the square shape of Mate20 to a round shape. This makes many people think that Mate20 should use 'shower' type. design? Although it is a joke of netizens, it is not impossible. The Nokia 9 with five shots is a good example.